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A Young Naturalist's Guide to Pacific Coastal Wildlife

Check out this fun and engaging resource for young adventurers and families who explore the shores along the West Coast. This grab-and-go field resource focuses on the amazing creatures and plants along the Pacific coast. Filled with color photos and fascinating facts, this book offers details on a range of wildlife, from the tide pools to the skies. 

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A Young Naturalist's Guide to Pacific Northwest Birding

Filled with fun and interesting kid-friendly facts and full-color photographs of over 50 birds that Northwesterners are most likely to see every day, this book encourages curious kids and their adults to go outside and learn more about nature. Kids will learn basic information about what makes a bird a bird, and specific information about each bird species, all of which can be used to help identify birds.Look at That Bird! also includes projects kids can do to attract birds to their backyards.

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