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FAQ: Senior Portraits

Q: Can I bring changes of clothes?

A: Yes! Just remember that you’ll be on location, so think about how and where you’ll change. (Mom-mobiles with tinted windows work well.) Consider bringing pieces that are easy to swap out for a new look, like a jacket or sweater.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?

A: I'm a huge fan of solids for portrait sessions because sometimes prints can clash with the background. That said, if your favorite piece of clothing is a plaid flannel, it absolutely has to be in at least a few shots. The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel beautiful (or handsome) and comfortable. Remember the school dress code, though. Most yearbooks won’t publish photos that show more skin than is allowed at school. Lastly, try to bring different styles for your clothing change(s) so the shots can have a completely different feel. Are you on a sports team? Do you play an instrument? Are you an unapologetic bookworm? Your jersey/gear, guitar, or favorite book would all be great pieces to include in the shoot. Your shoes will not be in many (if any) of your photos, so please don’t worry too much about that, other than making sure that you can walk well enough in whatever you bring to get to the cool places in the shoot location.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Absolutely! Real smiles are the best smiles, and you’re way more likely to be sporting those if your bestie is there for support and inside jokes. I’m happy to include a couple of buddy shots of the two of you in your session if you want. Same goes for Mom or Dad, if that’s who joins you. A parent/kid photo taken at the beginning of your senior year would make an awesome Christmas gift. Trust me.

Q: Where can we shoot?

A: I’ll go anywhere in the Portland Metro area, including suburbs and towns within reasonable driving distance. You need to decide what kind of feel you want for your photos. Are you more of a nature-lover, or would you prefer an urban, grittier feel? Are you all about theater or sports or your car? Those things will have a lot to do with where we shoot your photos. When you contact me to set up your session, tell me a little bit about what kind of location you’re envisioning, and I’ll give you suggestions for places that I think would be great backdrops for your session. Remember, though: you are the focus of the shoot. The background will be secondary.

Q: Can you do a shot like this cool one my friend did (or I found online)?

A: We can sure try! Every photographer has a different style, but if you show me shots you like before your photo shoot, we have a good chance of getting something with the same feel. Be sure you show me those dream shots before we take your pictures, since that's when we have the power to do something about it.

Q: What do you think of duck lips?

A: There's nothing more beautiful than a natural smile (or even a pensive stare), no matter how many times you’ve practiced that photo face in the mirror. Please try to keep it natural during your photo session. And ladies, please remember when you’re applying false eyelashes and makeup that the light needs to reach your eyes. Makeup can be beautiful in photos if that’s your thing, but remember that anyone looking at the photo wants to be able to see the sparkle in your eyes rather than the smoky blackness around them.

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